Senior Independent Living

At Grace Manor Senior Living, LLC, details matter. We have analyzed all the aspects of senior living, making sure that we provide a living environment that unburdens you from the worldly worries and lets you enjoy the post-retirement phase. 

Our senior independent living communities are perfect for seniors who wish to live in apartments or homes that give them easy access to social and recreational activities, timely meals, and more. 

Independent Senior Living Community Eugene

Grace Manor Senior Living, LLC is a continuing care independent senior living community in Eugene. We offer all our residents an engaging and vibrant lifestyle that meets the changing needs of senior care. We provide older adults the chance to live life as they have always wanted to - free and relaxed. 

Our senior housing independent living offers a lot more than you usually associate with this type of community and care - we guarantee engaging activities, top-of-the-line amenities, and attentive service to all our residents. We help you exercise full control over your lifestyle, something that we think you deserve; we help you live life as you choose after gliding through the life's struggles. We also offer you the convenience of housekeeping, dining, and laundry amongst other things like transportation service to the nearby attractions, shopping centers, and restaurants. 

Our light-filled and spacious residences feature everything that you would need for a pleasant stay. You will not ever face a problem - everything will be made available to you right on time.

Wellness and hospitality are two essential elements of senior independent living at Grace Manor Senior Living, LLC. We plan programs and activities that provide residents enough ways of keeping themselves occupied and entertained. Besides, we also believe in helping our residents enrich their lives through activities that can bring out the passion, interest, and purpose that they have kept inside them for all these years for whatever reason. We don’t want them to leave anything to chance. There should be nothing left that they wanted to do, but couldn’t, for any reason.