Welcome to Grace Manor Senior Living

Welcome to Grace Manor Senior Living, LLC, senior housing in Eugene, Oregon. We are located in a distinctive neighborhood in the city and provide exceptional retirement care, assisted living care, senior independent living, and senior residential care amongst other services that you associate with senior homes in Eugene.

assisted living center for seniors

Our assisted living center for seniors encompasses beautiful, luxurious, and elegant rooms, which is topped up by our unmatched services that include transportation, delicious dining, housekeeping, and beauty salon to list a few of the things that we offer to our residents. Our objective is to make the experience worthwhile for every older adult who visits us in search of things that can help them live life well after retirement. 

We are a senior care living community - we make your happily ever after times a start of something new, exciting, comfortable, and convenient. We are here to change your common perception of senior living. Senior living is more than old men and women just trying to add some fun, entertainment, and happiness to their lives. We are working towards getting it right. Visit us or contact us so that we can let you know what a senior living care center is all about? Get ready for a surprise and also the ride of a lifetime. Living with us is like living in a luxury suite with amenities. From entertainment and shopping to activities, food, and more - everything is a pleasant experience. 

luxury senior care homes in Eugene

We bring you luxury senior care homes in Eugene that reflect the traits we stand for - attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. We would like to invite you to be a part of our exceptional senior living center. We customize your rooms and the services we offer to support your lifestyle. You can also expect a friendly neighborhood atmosphere inside our senior home. We are very proud of our expert management staff that is ready to go that extra mile to provide you excellent customer service.